Autism. A new camera

A big part of RDI therapy is sending video clips to our consultant. Notwithstanding the fact that our video camera is unreliable, it has been really hard to 'get' the clips to send.

Now that we don't 'do therapy' in a separate room, filming the bits and pieces that we do of RDI during the day is almost impossible. I have to think, "Oh, I need the camera. Where is the camera? Oh, it's out of batteries/film/etc. Where shall I plug it in? No, kid, you can't play with it. Oh hang on, I've missed the moment."

So we took advantage of the fact that the government will now pay for 'resources' for autism therapy and bought this camera, the Axis 207W Wireless.

It's a network camera, so as long as it is plugged in, and as long as our computer is on, it will continually record. All I need to do is remember the time of whatever I want to send in to our consultant, and then I can go back, find the section and create the clip with a few easy clicks.

It's only disadvantage is that the phone doesn't like it. Because it's wireless, it interferes with the wireless phone handset and people are starting to complain. That's ok. I can unplug it when the phone rings and then plug it in again.

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