Autism. School calm and quiet

Bright Eyes said the other day in the car, out of the blue, "I like school. it's my favourite."

I nearly drove off the road.

"So, you won't have to cry when you go if you like it, will you" I said, trying to milk the situation for all it was worth. 

His comment seems to have borne fruit. This morning he said to me, "I'll just read this Tintin book and then I'll get ready and go to school." And he did. 

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Yesterday we did the first bathroom cleaning/playtime swap with my friend K. He LOVED it, and went to school very happily at his regular time with her. K sent me a photo of a game they played. Apparently Bright Eyes beat her both times. 

Do you think this means he actually drew with a piece of chalk? 

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