Autism. Great day

Bright Eyes spent the day just playing for the majority of it. He and Max were buddies the whole day. They had about 4 fights, but after a 10 minute break for calming down each time they found ways to be friends again and continue the games.

Later in the afternoon when Max was tired and a bit stroppy I took him outside to distract him and told Bright Eyes, "I'm just going out with Max for a minute." His response was: "For him to calm down?" He could see he wasn't coping and had his finger on what I was doing about it!

Bright Eyes also had a fantastic evening helping me prepare and serve a birthday dinner for his dad. Check out my 'family' journal for the details.

All in all, it was an amazing day. It's ironic that tomorrow we are driving all the way to Sydney to see a doctor about finding ways to cope with Bright Eyes' anxiety. Still, I have a beautiful anti-school tantrum on video to show him just in case he doesn't believe what I tell him.

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