Autism. Quick school update

Just a short post to let interested bodies know that Bright Eyes thrived, not just survived, his first two days back at school.

The first day he had his teachers' aide with him all day, who helped him with some of the more challenging work. He 'went to the edge and back' a couple of times, according to her, but made it through. He wrote his name on everything he was supposed to, and answered some maths questions, writing down the numbers with a little bit of encouragement. I think she must use the phrase, "Let's give it a try" because I heard him use it a few times that evening.

He was tired though. I tried to ask him about his day at afternoon tea time. He said, "I don't want to talk about that!"

The second day he was just a regular member of the class, and seemed to go fine. He played catch at recess with a little girl who's just come into kindy, and seemed happy about that. 

I asked "What work did you do at school?" and his reply was, "We did some art." 

Me: "Oh, what did you make?" 

Him: "Something from paper."

Me: "I wonder what it was?"

Him: "Duncan made a bird."

Me: "I wonder if you made a bird too?"

Him: "nup."

So maybe the bird remained unfinished...