Autism. Holidays

We've just had two weeks of school holidays. How has Bright Eyes been? To be honest, I can't really tell you. Grumpy, happy, sweet, playful, aggravating, demanding, cuddly, tantruming... it has covered the spectrum. 

He enjoyed our excursion to the Sydney Olympic Pool but wasn't so thrilled about riding the ferry to Circular Quay. He loved riding his bike down our new drive way. But he wasn't happy about falling off it and giving himself a fat lip from landing face down in the concrete. (He won't let me take a photo of it.)

One thing that is great is his tenderness and affection for his baby sister. "Oh, you are such a sweet baby," he says to her every night.

There have been ups and downs and round and rounds.

He's been very very 'scripty' and quite anxious in the last three days however. We are hearing about EVERYONE's birthdays (his current fixation) and numbers are spouting out of his mouth at an alarming rate. He constantly asks "Why?" and doesn't wait for an answer - it's just something to say. He has also been obsessed with time and how long things will take, and is constantly agitating to have his meals half an hour earlier.

Perhaps the overscripting has been related to the fact that his parents (us) have been excessively busy in the last three or four days and running at a rate of knots which we know we can't sustain over time. Perhaps it's because we're talking too much? I don't know.

While he goes around and around, so do I. I constantly have a tiny tinge of sadness at the back of my throat which makes itself into a little lump every time he makes another irrelevant comment or can't cope with a change. I feel sad for him. It seems so unfair that life is so hard for him and that his relationships are constantly a struggle. 

Tomorrow is back to school and I feel guilty because I want a break from the scripting! 

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