Autism. Two good things.

Two nice positive things to tell the world about today. 

The first is that Bright Eyes has decided he loves, wait for it, Oranges. Yes, it's true. His food choices now include three types of fruit. Hooray. In fact, oranges are now so popular that between him and his big sister, they have finished a 3 kilo bag in two days. 

The second piece of good news is that we have mastered over half of the objectives in Stage 5 of his RDI program, and I think he has probably got at least another 10 under his belt as well. My goal for the year was to complete Stage 5, and although I think we probably won't quite make it, we'll be at least three quarters of the way there.

I now have renewed impetus and energy to keep going with his program and work hard on it. 

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