Autism. "He knows his 12s!"

So apparently Bright Eyes is overcoming his fear of standing in front of crowds.

His big sister came home to tell me that, "Mum, Bright Eyes stood up in front of assembly and wowed the school with his maths."

All the children are learning their times tables at the moment, and the teacher had asked someone to come up and be tested on a table of their choosing in the morning assembly. Bright Eyes poked his hand up and was picked. When the teacher asked him which table he chose, he said, "12s please." According to my daughter, there was a sharp collective intake of breath. Could he do it? Well, yes. He missed one, but quickly figured it out, and left 100 children and a few teachers shaking their heads in wonder at a 7 year old knowing his 12s. 

On another, unrelated note, I've just signed a contract to have my book about Bright Eyes published. It will come out in the first half of next year. So watch this space!

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