Autism. I'm not giving up

Had a note from someone I know with a child with ASD, about the same age as Bright Eyes. 

We are satisfied we have turned over enough rocks to be happy with where he is for now. He has progressed well in life skills and in terms of him being easier to live with but not in any other areas. But we have come to terms with that is some respects. 

To be honest, I was shocked. Although I'm sure she's not giving up, it sounds like she's taking a break from therapy and help. 

Not me. I'm not giving up. If anything, I'm working harder than ever with my boy. I can see how far he's come, and even though I'm happy with that, I can see even more room for improvement.

How long can I go for? Not sure. One thing I do know is that RDI is 'a marathon, not a sprint', and I'm still only in the first quarter of the race.