Autism. Wedding bells

Apparently Bright Eyes is getting married. That's what he tells me anyway. He and his little girl friend from school will be having a wedding, and he'll be wearing a tux. 

"A boy tux, mum," he hasted to clarify.

"I don't think there are really any other kind, sweetheart," I said.


Later he asked me why his little friend was having a birthday party.

"Because it's her birthday I guess," I answered.

"Because she wants to invite me?" he ventured.

"Of course! You're her friend!" I said.


He rolled over in the bed at good night time and looked at me the other evening. 

"The happy thing," he said, "is playing with K and B at recess. The worst thing is that R teases me a LOT!"

Poor kid. I've had words with the staff about R. Let's hope he's been put in his place.

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