Autism. Two wheeler and more

Bright Eyes can officially ride his new two-wheeler bike! He was very unsure about the whole affair, but once we bought a beautiful shiny new one (thanks ebay), he got keen. On Monday morning he headed outside saying, "I'm going to ride my new bike. I can learn. I can do it."

I nearly killed myself racing around after him hanging on to the back of his seat for the first five minutes, but it only took a few goes down the path before he was competent, unwobbly, and definitely in control.

Here's a picture of him at today's school swimming carnival. Happily, he got dressed in his house colours. I was a little nervous because when the houses were first brought to his attention, he insisted he was in blue (which of course, is the colour of Thomas the Tank Engine, and the colour of choice at the moment) and went off to attend their pep rally instead of his. It took a lot of convincing from his sister that he was actually in green.

I turned up to the carnival to see him joining in the cheers, which was very cute. After the children's voices were all worn out, Bright Eyes had had enough. I suggested that he get changed into his swimmers. "Can I help you do it?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, and then, "No. It's Year 2's turn."

Ten minutes later I heard the teacher announce that kindy and Year 1 children who wanted to get changed should come over to him now. Before he had even finished what he was saying, I saw Bright Eyes tearing over with his bag flailing behind him. He knew the rules, and was waiting for the right time. 

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