Autism. School tears

It kills me to have a child crying at school.

Bright Eyes has been telling me recently that he doesn't 'like listening and looking', that he wants to 'join out, not join in' and that he wants to 'break rules'. 

When I turn up in the middle of the day for our session together, it always seems to be just in time because he is rarely happy.

I don't know the reason. I don't really know what to do, if anything. I hope it improves and  I hope that we can just put it down to tiredness with the end of term coming up.

I'm taking him out of school for a day this week because everyone is going on an excursion and I don't think he'll cope. I think he needs some chill out time at home, and some time to just do simple things with me.

Other things that are hard:

- He is scripting children's birthdays and ages again. He says constantly things like, "when I'm in year 3, Danny will be in Year 9," and sees everything in terms of numbers. It's cute the first ten times. The twenty fifth time becomes a little boring.

- He took a violent dislike to nightly readers from school and won't even allow me to carry one home for reading later.

- he comes home bossy and controlling and imperative every night. 

- he constantly whispers words and sums under his breath. It's noisy and annoying.