Autism.... and the big question is...

... how is Bright Eyes managing with the new baby?

Well, he certainly hasn't had any negative reactions to her. He likes to come up and gently pat her head and say, "You're a nice baby," or to me, "I like your baby mum."

The two days when I was in hospital, he was happy to go to school and managed life fine. He didn't enjoy hospital visits, except for the day that AP brought him on his own, and we played with the controls of my bed that lifted up and down.

Since then, he's been a little bit stressed, but I can't say it's out of the ordinary. It helps that Coco is a very, very calm baby, and hardly cries at all. If she were noisy, things might be different, but so far, so good.

I'm looking forward to their growing friendship, and I'm extremely grateful to all the people who prayed specifically for Campbell around the birth time. 

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