Autism. Chicken nuggets.

Yes, tonight Bright Eyes ate a new food. We had been at McDonald's earlier in the day and I bought a packet of chicken nuggets for myself. He asked if he could try one, so I gave him one and he promptly  declared it his favorite food and asked for nuggets for dinner.

Yay for protein.

In other news, he has generally had a good holiday, although I notice that when my language towards him becomes imperative [in other words I get bossy] his language towards me becomes equally imperative. For the last three days he has mirrored me in being very bossy and demanding. It's a constant process to watch my language, to slow down and to engage with him in a way that helps him to actually think rather than just mindlessly obey.

I have also met his new teacher for the year. We had a useful meeting on Friday in the classroom and I'm hopeful that she will have his number pretty quickly. If he makesas much progress this year as he did last year I think we will be in for a good year.

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