Encouragement to everyone... keep on loving!

Had this lovely email from a guy I knew briefly at boarding school. He found a link to the blog and began reading. I'm putting it on because I think everyone out there who has a child with special needs could use a little encouragement.

I am a counseling graduate student and also work full time in a transitional living program for young adults coming out of mental health treatment and juvenile jail. 

I am currently working with two clients with Aspergers Syndrome and it has really opened my eyes to the world of Autism.  I know they are both fairly high functioning but it is still a challenge at times. 

I was reminded reading you blog about discussions with one of them about his early childhood and the challenges he posed for his parents.  I wish he had had parents as loving as you. 

Most of the young adults I work with have some mental illness or disability and it can be challenging, but watching them grow and overcome their disabilities is very rewarding. 

I want to encourage you to continue to love, nurture, and care for you son even when he is at his most difficult.  God will give you the strength and courage to go on. 

Children are a blessing no matter what the circumstances.  I have four of my own and even when my severely ADHD son drives me crazy I remember he is God's gift to me. 

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