Autism. Swimming and insults.

The first three weeks of school have been overall successful. Judging from the award for working independently, which he received yesterday in the assembly, and the fact that he has coped with a new teacher, made a new friend and done all his homework so far, the year is off to a good start I think.

One of my personal highlights thus far has been his attendance at the school swimming carnival. This year, he was old enough to go in a proper race – 25 m freestyle – and he seemed keen, so I let him go. I did tell him that I would probably pick him up at lunch time as I didn't want him to have a miserable day, just waiting around most of the time.

When I arrived to pick him up, he told me that no, he hadn't swum his laps yetand he needed to stay. After about half an hour, his race was called. He hopped straight in the pool, swam his length and… Won!

"I've made a new world record," he said to anyone who would listen, and came home with a beaming smile on his face.

The smile was made a little bit smaller when he realized that he got a ribbon for third, not first, but hopefully, next year he will understand the concepts of heats and times and will do even better.

So, a few things have changed.

Something that has not changed is his frequent annoyance with his little brother. This morning he really wasn't happy with him and was loudly complaining about what he had done. for some reason, he can't just say "I am angry and frustrated,": instead he has to insult him as inventively as he can.

This morning's insult needs a little bit of background. There are four sports teams at the sschool and Bright Eyes  is in the green team, called Hird. He loves Hird, and hates the other teams.

So when he wanted to insult his brother, he said, "he should be painted yellow and put into Brooks." Then he added for good measure, "and his lunch should be exploded."

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