The end of a therapy - what a great feeling

A year and three months ago I took Bright Eyes to a neurodevelopmental therapist to do tests for auditory processing disorder. I found out that my eight year old had the processing speed of a six year old, and it was obvious from the way he acted.

We bought the equipment (small CD player and serious headphones), hired the CDs, did the exercises and listened to the special music for 20-30 minutes a day, every day (and sometimes twice) for months.

After nine months we could see improvements which also correlated with test scores. But fast forward to 15 months later, and Bright Eyes' results are all normal for a child his age. I had known that he was doing better in terms of processing speeds, just from observing him cope at school and home, but it was great to have it confirmed with actual numbers.

So now we're on a break, to make sure it 'sticks' and then, if all goes well, he should be completely finished with sound therapy in another three months.

It's very exciting. We finished with our drug therapy about six weeks ago, and now we're about to be finished with sound therapy - and both therapies have had great results. My boy is thinking better, understanding more and expressing himself more effectively.

Yes, he has a long way to go, but wow it's nice to be at the end of something for once, instead of the beginning.

Message me for the name of our therapist if you're local to Sydney. I'm very happy to pass her details on.