School interview 2012

I came home from our parent-teacher interview today extremely happy.

"It's all positive," the teacher told me. "I really have no concerns. He's doing very well and I've seen lots of improvement. He's a real success story."

Bright Eyes is: writing well in different genres, coping with being sent back to do something again, reading and working well with other children, managing his frustrations, spelling well, doing well with maths, 'going with the flow' and being flexible when unusual things happen, asking other children to play at lunch and recess, putting up his hand and wanting to be involved, offering ideas and suggestions and answering questions, staying on task (generally), playing handball at lunch and recess and coping with the rules and the fact that you get out and, in general, basically enjoying his school life. He's also apparently stopped complaining about being in the 2/3 composite instead of the 3/4 composite!

So I'm happy. And thankful. And very pleased with what we've been working on this year. It's a good result for the energy and effort I've been putting in. I'd like to thank God, our doctor and our sound therapist!

And just for some icing on the cake, I got a report from the psychiatrist who saw him last week about medication issues and read, "He was a positive and delightful little boy to spend time with." That's a whole lot better than our second ever paediatrician who said, "Well, he's got atrocious social skills, doesn't he!"