Remediating autism and ADHD: our supplement list

I'm extremely grateful that my boy learned to swallow tablets last year because he certainly has to take a lot of them!

Here's the list of what he's been taking until now.

Fish oil, Evening Primrose Oil, zinc, magnesium, SAM-e, aloe vera capsules, B6, iron, lithium (on prescription), iodine, Vitamin D drops, probiotics and zeolite drops. 

(He also still does sound therapy, is advised to eat a breakfast high in protein (easier said than done, given our ongoing food issues) and drink lots of water.)

Following a doctor's appointment today I'll be ordering and dispensing all of these in addition to the above:

Urocarb, meB12, Vitamins E and K2, N-AC, pre-GABA and Inisotol. 


Don't ask me what they all do. I'm just the pill-dispenser.

But I trust our doctor. I really do. She's brought him along to a place where he's coping so much better and where's he's off the Risperadone which he really needed for his anxiety - and managing well.

She's also prescribed something else - a leetle bit scary - for him to take which we'll be trialling over the next couple of months. I'm not going to mention it yet... but in a little while I'll talk about it once I see if it does anything for him. 


NB: Please do not take this as medical advice. You need to see your doctor to find out what is appropriate for your child (for Australians and Kiwis, a list of MINDD practitioners can be found here; if you're elsewhere, google Pfeiffer doctors or DAN doctors).