A big week, and a big letdown

Bright Eyes had a huge week. Not only did he have a sleepover last Saturday, he also went on an overnight school excursion on Thursday, with the bus leaving at 7am and returned at 6.30pm on Friday. 

Both were successful, especially the school trip. Not only did he have to contend with the usual challenges of dealing with peers for 36 hours straight, eating different food and sleeping in a different bed, but he also had to cope with the stress of getting bus-sick and vomiting on his clothes two hours into the trip. Which, I should add, he did remarkably well with no major repercussions.

The weekend has been a time for recovery though. He's needed it. He's been slightly glazed over, very obsessed with his toys (including a return to good ol' Brum, the little red and yellow car) and has been talking non-stop about Captain Underpants and spouting facts about boa constrictors (his fave animal at the zoo they went to.)

This afternoon he had an angry episode with his brother (and apparently me too, although I wasn't aware of being in his bad books) so was asked to go to his room to calm down, whereupon he spent more than half an hour creating this sign. Later, he called me up to show it to me. I expressed my curiosity about the fact that I wasn't allowed in and yet I was sitting there with him, apparently unblown up. Then I complimented him on his lettering and the fact that he had worked so hard to make it and asked if I could photograph it. The result is below:

Translation: C's room: no runtz (sic) allowed, for example, J the bad hamster and Mum the Runt. Only Dad, Jemima and Coco can enter my room and if you are one of the runtz you'll end up like this! 5-4-3-2-1, Uh oh, Booooom. Get the picture?