Turns out he's a pretty good writer

After an evening of grumpiness and insults from Bright Eyes ("You're the WORST mother in the WHOLE world", "Do you WANT to live?"), it was a nice little bonus to find this in his bag.


 'This', of course, being a great piece of creative writing from a boy who, last term, wasn't finishing any writing at all and complaining loudly.

So you don't have to strain your eyes, here's what it says.

"The Beach

I'm lying down tummy-first on my trusty purple boogie-board. I'm waiting for massive blue waves that turn you down with a splat and a woosh. I taste a huge mouthful of sand and salt water . I sommersault out under the shallow ocean.

I feel salty air while collecting sun-reflecting Rainbow colour shells with my brother and my big sister. The soft breeze in our faces makes us feel cheerful like it's New Years Eve.

I could stay all day long, for the waves are strong."

This piece of previously undetected genius was done with some help with planning from his teacher's aide who got him to think about taste, touch, sound and smell with a friend and write some notes.

writing notes.JPG

When I asked him about it before bed he told me that he got to take it to the principal who 'read it to himself' and said it was the best writing he'd ever done. 

"What was different about it?" I asked.

"It wasn't from a book," he said. 

Yay yay yay yay yay yay! (And thanks dear teachers' aide!)


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