Proof that it's possible to teach your children to eat (as long as you're willing to stick it out)

Tonight at dinner, we all at the same meal: beef stroganoff and pasta, with vegetables on the side. 

Readers who have fussy eater children will immediately recognise the importance of the statement above. We all ate the same meal! Rejoice and hear the trumpets blare. THE SAME!

But I know you, parents of uber-refusing children. You're saying, "Go on. Show me the proof. He didn't really eat it, did he?"

Okay. Proof.

Exhibit A: This is the fussiest child's plate at the time of serving.

On the plate are: gf pasta, stroganoff (in the sauce are cashews and zucchini), tomato sauce (essential), one piece of broccoli, two teaspoons of spinach, a swag of lettuce, four pieces of cooked carrot, four pieces of cucumber and a slice of red capsicum.

Exhibit B: The plate on return to the kitchen.

Yes, there is food left over. But let me explain.

Meat and sauces surrounding it are a BIG problem for Bright Eyes. This was a new taste and I said, "I know this will be challenging for you. But you need to eat one teaspoon of the sauce."

He ate it.

Also leftover are half a piece of broccoli and one teaspoon of spinach. Again, these were new vegetables. he ate the stalk part of the broccoli (he got to choose which bit) and the other teaspoon of spinach. He fulfilled his requirements, ate the other vegies (salad stuff no problem, he needed help with the carrots) and finished his meal. 

Success. And no screaming. Although there was a bit of loud complaining about the sauce. "I WILL NOT EAT THAT SWILL!!!" (Response: I pick up a piece of pasta covered in sauce and point the fork in the direction of his mouth. He eats it.)

We're moving in the right direction!