Future financial planning for your ASD child

I've often mentioned the expenses we've had with our child with ASD... for therapy, supplements, more therapy and more supplements. Autism is expensive. Actually, having a child with a disability of whatever kind is expensive. A friend who has a child with cerebral palsy has had to pay enormous amounts for wheelchairs and modified equipment.

That doesn't even start to cover the ongoing costs throughout life, especially if there's little prospect of your child becoming independent or holding down a job. Who's going to support them? How's it going to happen?


That's why I was very interested to see this little setup this week - Spectrum Planning, an Aussie financial planner focusing on helping families with special needs work out a way ahead for the future. I've had a little bit to do with the people behind it and I think they're awesome.

For readers in the US, you might find this article more helpful:


As you know, on this blog I don't do ads. I'm not trying to spruik these company. Nor do I stand to gain anything from it. What I do, however, is point readers to good resources to enhance all areas of life with your special needs child. And heaven knows, we all need money to pay those enormous bills. So go ahead, take a look. And maybe make a financial plan for your child's future.