Today was such a better day!

I am following our consultant's advice and hanging back. Today my dear sweet Bright Eyes solved his own problems, including mending his paintbrush that fell apart. The more I support him in doing his own things, the more competent - and confident in his competence - he will be become.

He is a lot happier since going back to his diet and the homeopath.

Today I left the paints out on the table and was delighted to see him paint a picture of a river (ie. the whole piece of paper was filled with watery blue paint from edge to edge). He wanted me to paint fishes in it, but I 'didn't have time sorry'. Who knows... he may paint them himself tomorrow.

We are painting our cubby house and he was pleased to come down and handle a brush for a bit. We painted together. I think he even did more than his nine year old sister!