Asking for it

One of Sydney's minority religious leaders apparently made a comment recently in a sermon about women. I haven't read the actual comment, but I understand the implication is that some women bring sex attacks on themselves by the way they dress.

Of course, people are outraged about it. But most are looking at it from a woman's point of view. What his statement means about men is equally offensive.

The implications of what he said are that: men are unable to control themselves when they see a provocatively-dressed woman; women have control over men's impulses and actions just by the clothes they wear or don't wear; and men are not responsible for their actions, women are.

When it comes down to it, what he means is that men are really no better than domesticated animals - they are generally well behaved, but if you leave some uncovered food around, you should expect the beast in them to come out! After all, they can't help it.

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