Blessing in disguise

Autistic Spectrum Disorder is not something I'd think of as good, but it has done me a great service this week. We're starting to do the RDI program with Superboy ( and also for real-life examples of how it works) and I've been challenged to re-examine the way I interact with not just him, but all my children.

My attitude has been sneaking into the realms of avoidance. "It would be easier and a lot more efficient and a lot neater if they would just get on with their thing so that I can get on with my thing" is my unspoken thought.

I was shocked recently to realise just how much I would prefer them to be quiet, separate and no bother to me so that I can do 'important' things on my own. I think I've always had the attitude that 'you have children as a regular part of life, but that's not what you really do'.

But God calls himself father, and us his children. And clearly, his whole purpose with the human race is to be with us, to be close to us, to be engaged with us and to love us. He's come into the whole messy human arena and mucked in so that we will call him Father. It says a lot about parent-child relationships that perhaps I have been inwardly missing with my own children.

Today I didn't worry about getting the washing done early so I could get on with the day. Instead, I made the washing 'the day' and did it with my Superboy. He learned some relationship skills, I slowed down and we actually enjoyed each other's company.

Praise God for autistic spectrum disorder, for RDI and for his own love for us as parent to his children.

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