Quiet Leadership I

I've just finished another book which will change my life, especially the way I talk to people. It's called 'Quiet Leadership' by David Rock andI'll feed you bits at a time.

The first three points seem obvious:

People are more motivated to act when it's their own idea.
Everyone's brain is different.
Most people react against being told what to do.

However, we hardly ever put these things together and let it change the way we act. Most of us will take someone's dilemma, feed the information in to our own brains, come up with a solution which would suit us, and strongly insist that the person should then do what we tell them.

We forget that our brain is different from their brain, and what works for us may not work for them. We forget that they will not be motivated to change unless they find their own solution, and we forget that the fact that we are telling them what to do will almost certainly result in them not doing it!

The point: Giving people solutions does not work. But helping them to think for themselves is always going to be more useful.

The question: How do we help people think better?

The answer: Coming in the next few blogs!!!