James is 1

My little third child turned 1 today.

The year has flown. Poor little thing. His milestones have come and gone, mostly unremarked upon because his big brother and sister have louder voices and push in for more attention. So I decided that for posterity's sake, I would publish his birthday in the blog - at the very least so that in years to come, when he complains about being neglected, I can assure him that his birthday was noted publicly.

We held a morning tea. I was full of big plans to make yummy spinach and fetta pastry triangles amongst other things, had put them in the oven and was feeling really great about the whole effort until 10 minutes before they were cooked, when I forgot about them completely.

Thankfully I didn't burn all of them but when I tried to get them off the baking paper, most of them had stuck to it, leaving a sort of pastry/paper mishmash.

I think cooking was invented to keep me humble.

Actually, come to think of it, that's what children are mostly good for too!

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