Eavesdropping only from now on

Friends, I was spammed!

After asking for comments from readers, I was treated to 62 (yes, sixty two) useless comments from an anonymous source, one on each blog entry. Then today, another 40, with pathetic links to a useless gambling site. Only one nice comment from a friendly reader who pleaded to remain an eavesdropper.

From now on this blog is for eavesdropping only. No more comments folks. You know how to get in touch if you want to.

And just a word to you people out there who are trying to sign up suckers to gambling and porn sites to get their money: God brings justice in the end. You might think what you're doing is an easy way to rip people off. But it's not honest, it's not truthful, it's not loving and it's not right. It's also not what God likes, and you're up for judgment. Think about your life now, before it's too late. The incredible thing is that even though God will bring judgment, he also offers mercy. You can accept Jesus' offer of forgiveness today and turn your life around with his help. Or you can get rich now by using people and reap the consequences in eternity. Check out www.christianity.net.au for real help.

Grace, and peace to each and all of you.