Proud of my brother

My older brother Richard is currently working on the MV Doulos, a ship that takes young Christian volunteers from port to port, showing Christian service and love. It sounds exotic until I tell you he's working in the engine room, with grease, sweat and dodgy hours!

His latest letter included this:

“…You think that you have come to the ship to be missionaries and to save the world and everything….you are wrong! this is rehabilitation for Christians.

(He says) When I first heard this statement, I thought that it was interesting but after being on board for nearly a year, I can testify that the ship will change you and bring your bad attitudes, your frustrations, your irritations, and it will also open you up to prodding and digging from our Father. And most of the time it is a battle of wills and extremely painful. The lesson that I am continuing to learn is that God always wins."

Good on you Rich. And check out for information about the ship. They currently need marine engineers.

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