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John Townsend and Henry Cloud are two of my favourite writers. I call them the 'Boundaries Boys' because their most famous title is, of course, 'Boundaries'. I've been reading a new one by Townsend recently, called 'Who's Pushing Your Buttons?'. Here's an excerpt:

Human connections are one of the greatest things that anyone can experience in life. The rich man who is without them is impoverished; the poor man who has them is wealthy. God himself is relational at the core of his being: He is love. And he designed us to be in, depend on, thrive on and grow from relationships.

Look at your relationships as the 'delivery system' for so many of the good things we need in life. We need love, safety, grace, warmth, encouragement, truth and feedback, forgiveness and so much more. These elements of life make life full, meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable.

They go on to talk about people who 'push your buttons'; why and how they do it, and how to do something about it. It's a good book. Now it's for you to guess who is pushing my buttons...

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