so many books, so little time

The gorgeous little Mittagong library is literally one minute's walk away from our new house. And it's more of a temptation than I should admit.

Currently I'm only a quarter of the way through Social Intelligence, which is great. But I got sidetracked by drink me, by Skye Rogers, sitting up on the biography shelf, just past the children's section.

drink me is what the writer calls 'a memoir of a relationship' and chronicles the beginning, the middle and the end of her live-in relationship with an alcoholic boyfriend.

She's a troubled person who attracts another troubled person. Trouble is, he's looking to bury his troubles with alcohol, while she's digging hers out of the ground and bringing them to light.

It's an interesting story of how relationships work, and then don't work. It's an interesting story of how people get on certain paths and then crash.

As I'm reading this, I thank God for his changing work in my life. (I would say every day, but I think I notice it more on a monthly or yearly basis. It's slow, but it's there.) Forgiveness, salvation, redemption - these are all things that mean we go to heaven to be with God, but they do so much now in changing the way we live today.