Very very human

There are some days where I just kind of bounce along. Everything goes well. It's all easy. I love everything, and everything loves me.

Then there are the days when I groan inwardly, lay my head on the floor, kitchen bench or other appropriate surface at hand and truly ask myself, "How can I go on?" It's times like that I just have to think 'an hour at a time' and ask for God's help.

Being honest, I think the second kind of day is outweighing the first at the moment.

But I know that it goes with being new and starting again in a new town (and being a little bit lonely). It goes with school holidays (being out of routine and having extra children on hand all day). And it goes with the normal challenges of having small children, plus one with special needs, and the competing demands they bring to each day.

I'm just waiting for it all to pick up. I know it usually takes about 6 to 8 months in a new place before I start to feel like I'm fitting in and getting to know people. School holidays will eventually end, and I'm getting my plan together for good days with the little boys.

If you're having a similar day, email me!