46... really?

For the record I was born in 1973. That makes me 34 years old. And it's true I was having a bad bad hair day, but I was still a little shocked when the eight-year old said, "Mum, you look pretty old. You've got a lot of wrinkles."

"Do you think I look older than Sarah?" I asked her.

"About the same," she said.

"What about Glenys or Belinda?" I asked.

"Oh, they're a lot younger than you," she said.

Uh, uh. The whole lot of them are more than three years older than me - one up to five years older.

The next day, just to rub salt in the wound, my daughter said in deep thought and consideration, "Mum, I think you look about 46 years old."

Man, I gotta get my hair done.