Satisfactorily solving small problems

Velcro dots
These have revolutionised our lounge room. Rather than yelling "Where's the remote control?" every morning (kids TV) and evening (big kids TV), we now know it is hanging neatly on its velcro dot. We have a place for it. It doesn't get lost any more.
Time saved: 2-3 minutes per day, 18 1/4 hours per year.

This has solved the problem of the missing hairbrushes which used to be a plague every morning. We now have two hair brushes tied to long pieces of elastic and fastened to two convenient points in the house.
Time saved: 3-4 minutes per day, 24 1/3 hours per year.

New vacuum cleaner
Happily, our old vacuum died this week. We have replaced it with a whiz bang flashy dashy bagless version which shows us just how much dirt it can pull up. We were appalled to see just how dirty our carpets really were! Let's hope it makes a difference to the three of us who are allergic to dust and mites, and the one who is allergic to dog hair.
Sneezes saved: 2-3 per person per day, 3200 per year.

If anyone can give me hints on easy ways to solve on the following problems that still irritate us, I'd be most grateful.
- Losing keys
- Losing wallets
- Losing mobile phones
- Leftovers festering in the fridge