Daylight &*#$@ Saving


Hate daylight saving.

Hate the hour jet-lag I personally feel.

Hate the fact that at the changeover time where you're supposed to get more sleep (April) because of the extra hour, you actually get less sleep because the children still wake up at the same time - 6am new time instead of 7am.

Hate the Spring changeover time because you get less sleep again because you just don't feel like going to bed an hour 'earlier' than last night, and you then have to wake up at some ungodly hour the next morning, and the kids are still asleep when it's 8am instead of 7am, and you have to wake them up and they're cranky and you have no time in the morning to get things done before they all have to go off for school, and you have to have dinner at 4pm (old time) and the kids aren't stupid, they know that you're trying to put them to bed an hour earlier than yesterday.

I've lived in Australia for 18 years now. I've been losing 2 hours of sleep a year because of government-legislated daylight saving. That's 36 hours, which is a day and a half. I'd like that sleep given back to me as a tax break please, in four nine-hour blocks.