Things I....

I've been unwell and tired for more than a week, plus having sick kiddies. Not fun. Here are some thoughts I've had swirling for a while.

Things I've learned from...

... my husband
play my own game, tell the truth, have fun.

... my dad
have a broader perspective, challenge myself, give it a go.

.... my mum
loyalty, persistence, take the harder option, serving others.

... my big brother
honesty, cheerfulness, have a sense of humour.

... my little brother
stick to the long-term goal, pack light.

... my sister in law
be thankful for good pregnancies, love requires sacrifice, take the drugs.

.... my pop (and nan)
enjoy what you have and be generous with it, don't be so uptight in car parks.

... my aunty
relax, it'll be fine, be even-tempered

... my cousins
Look fabulous while you do all of the above!

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