Sorry, don't be offended!

I've been going to a support group at the early childhood intervention centre locally for a few weeks. The small group of ladies and the leader have been very frank about how we all cope with our difficult children, often to the point of using strong language.

It came out last week that I am a 'minister's wife', and I was amused this week to see the different attitude towards me, now that I'm classed somewhere in the 'holy, therefore easily offended' league in their minds.

The most amusing was from the leader who was advising another lady to not worry about what other people about her little boy's ADD behaviour. "Stuff 'em, it doesn't matter!" she said, and then turned to me with apologetic eyes. "Sorry, but you know what I mean."

Surely, either you care what other people think or you don't!

Personally I don't like it when people assume that I can't cope with their bad language. Heck, I watch TV like the next person. I know what's out there. I might not enjoy it if it's excessive, but I don't want to be apologised to as if I was so fragile and delicate and not able to cope with the evils of the world.

I wonder if Jesus got apologies for other people's use of bad language?