the computer was down...

Yeah, it's a good excuse isnt it! A poor worker blames her tools, blah blah blah.

But seriously - one major reason that I haven't posted for so long is because our computer has been in great need of some TLC. It was signalling its distress by constant crashing, and then one morning just stopped. Or rather, wouldn't stop. I couldn't turn the stupid thing off.

When we finally took it to the shop the poor fixit man was appalled at us.

"Did you know that you had two major viruses with no up to date anti-virus programs? You had 300 dodgy files, 10,000 errors and 600 something elses and you had 31 Windows updates to download!"

I sounded suitably apologetic and sheepish on the phone, agreed to pay for all the necessaries and will go and pick it up tomorrow.

So there will be no more excuses from me!