Things I came home with

1. Some things I came home with:
Two great pairs of shoes ($4 each). One Calvin Klein pair of jeans, already adjusted to my length ($18.50). Funky striped pants, new with tags ($8.50). Ultra-cool corduroy jacket ($8.50).

I'm delighted to report that the op shops in Bowral are up to scratch. One does have to check these things out.

2. Something I came home to:
A bald husband.

He was at Bowral High School for the Christian group meeting and got talked into having his head shaved for charity. I can't say it suits him - after all, I did marry him for his hair (red and curly) - and he does have rather a large, round noggin. But I'm glad he did it for the 'cred' he gained with the students.

Amusingly, our 1 year old was absolutely freaked out by seeing his father with no hair and cried everytime he looked at him for the first half hour.