Little steps forward

I really should start a whole other blog about autism. But in the meantime, I'd like to share some of my son's tiny steps forward that happened this week.

He ate something new - a dried apricot. (Check back amongst my last few posts to see why this is amazingly exciting.)

He wore something new - a red jacket one day, and a red t-shirt the next. (For six months he has refused to wear anything that is not a yellow, green or navy t-shirt or jacket - completely plain, no stripes or designs. He runs yelling from the room when I show him a Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt.)

He talked to the lady in the fruit shop. She said, "Do you go to preschool?" He said, "Yes." (Camera cuts to mummy silently jumping up and down in frenzied excitement in the background. This is amazing! Three months ago he used to yell when strangers looked at him, and he couldn't answer any type of question.)

A lovely time of night with him is story time. I scour the local (wonderful) library every week for three good bedtime books. This week we had 'Ten in the Bed'. On every page a different soft toy falls out of the bed with an appropriate noise like 'thump' or 'donk'. He giggles his head off and you can see his little face just anticipating the exciting part of every page. It's really fun to read it to him.