New interests/hobbies/obsessions

1. Health kick
It's official. I think sugar is vile, evil and dangerous. I'm taking my children off it as much as possible, and have nearly eliminated it from my life (apart from the odd piece of chocolate). I have become convinced of the ultimate goodness of organic food and home cooking and nut butters. Numbers in ingredient lists are to be avoided at all costs. Everyone (bar the dog) in my house is now taking Omega3 and Omega6 oils. My favourite section of the supermarket is the health food aisle, and my favourite shops in the local town are the two organic wholefoods markets. Don't worry - if you come to visit, I'll still serve something edible.

2. Tsunami puzzles
Have you seen these things? They are logic puzzles where you fill in some squares and keep others blank in order to make pictures. Kind of like Sudoku but more fun because it's not numbers. I'm addicted.

3. My new grinding kitchen machine thingy
It's a juicer/sausage maker/grinder/pulser/ all in one. I bought it for the sausages but they've been a dismal failure. However, the frozen fruit sorbet that it whizzes up is pretty spectacular - and delicious.

If my brother is reading this (and you know who you are...) yes I still enjoy my obsessions of yesteryear. It's just that I don't have time for everything. Someday I'll get back into home-made paper, cross-stitching, quilting, photo-albums, cloth nappy designs, sewing clothes, making cushions, folk art and painting, Alexander Technique, swimming laps, furniture restoration, vegetable gardening (although that's about to hit a resurgence) and interior design. I read a book last year that said I wasn't lazy or uncommitted for switching around, I just had a particular kind of brain. I want to believe it.