Positive journal

I may have mentioned my 'positive journal' in a post a few months back.

It's a book in which I write down the good things I have done every day. My husband does it too. His version allows him to award himself 'points' for each day and reward himself when he gets to a certain number. I don't bother with that, but he says I should.

My last entry in my positive journal dates to a month ago. It says, "Why am I bothering to do this? Every single day I do the same things. It seems to be one step forward and one and a half steps back. I think I'm going to forget it."

Not exactly 'positive'.

Still, I'm back again this month. I've noticed the difference in myself when I don't keep the journal. It was a bit of a disastrous few weeks in emotional Cecily-land. I tend to be a little bit depressive and pessimistic in myself and will often focus on the culinary disasters, for example, rather than the good square meals cooked with a clingy one year old on my hip and served on time.

I'll see if my mood improves as I continue to be 'positive'.