What's most important

"...do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." Luke 10:20

It's been a bit dismal recently. The weather has been Wet. The ground outside has been Soggy. One child has been Sick. The other two have been Cranky.

Some of my thoughts have been, in no particular order:
how did I get myself into this situation? when will I ever be able to write my next book? why don't I have enough energy to invite anyone over? wouldn't life be a lot easier if I was a man? hate... grumble... grouse... cranky... don't touch/come near/annoy me, especially if you're under the age of eight...

So it was timely this morning to read a little blurb on the above verse. Jesus was talking to his disciples after they returned from a very successful mission. They had seen great things happen. They were at their peak of success. But Jesus said, don't get hung up on your success. Instead, be happy that you're saved.

My problem is that I'm not at the peak of my success, but wishing desperately that I was. So it's good to be reminded not to be concerned about the success, but instead, be happy that I'm saved.

Which, indeed, I am.