Best friends III

I can't resist adding this wonderful list of questions, pinched from Cloud and Townsend's book Safe People. Another must-read.

Some questions to ask yourself when you think about if you are able to be close to others?
1. Do you tend to be the ‘giver’ in relationships – or are your relationships mutual with equal give and take?
2. Do you find that people approach you when they want something from you, or more to simply spend time with you?
3. Is it difficult for you to open up about your real feelings and problems?
4. Is it hard for you to see others as a source of emotional and spiritual support?
5. Do you prefer to be alone to deal with your problems?
6. Is there a pattern, where people seem to like you when you appear ok, but withdraw if you are honest about yourself?
7. Do you feel that God is the only person who really knows and loves all of you?
8. Do you find yourself choosing people who let you down over time?9. Are intimate, vulnerable, two way conversations a rarity, or a regular occurrence?
10. Do you find most of your personal connections revolving more around activities or duties than relationships?