If there were only five* movies left in the world...

... I hope they would be these.

1. Dead Poets Society
I still cry in the last scene when Ethan Hawke stands on the desk and says "Oh Captain My Captain".

2. Strictly Ballroom
Wild, wacky, tragic, glitzy. The script is perfect. And I'm a sucker for a dancing movie.

3. Quiz Show
This explores the inside of dishonesty, lying and guilt with personally devestating consequences. Based on a true story.

4. Crash
Intersecting stories based around racism and prejudice. Some very impressive cinematography and interesting characters.

5. The Last King of Scotland
A young man makes amoral decisions, which in his own country would have nondescript consequences, but in Idi Amin's Uganda, a situation of evil and violence, he finds himself working for evil and unable to escape. Violent, but real. It made me question the ultimate consequences of some of my own decisions. And then repent.

*My cinema and film knowledge is a little bit limited. So I couldn't actually come up with ten!