Well the MK camp was a buzz.

It was a real privilege to speak with the 45 or so young people ranging from 13 to 25. I got to know a few of them quite well, but enjoyed the whole group and their creativity.

My favourite part of the camp* was 'bedtime stories', where at 9.30pm every night, they gathered in the lounge and listened to 'Uncle Luke', a uni student with a wonderful voice read poems and excerpts from favourite books like Alice in Wonderland and Narnia.

Other highlights were good music, pleasant people, and very creative games and evening activities.

It was fun giving the talks, and I appreciated their attention, and the fact that they laughed at my fairly lame jokes.

The little boys coped well over the four days, and we arrived home to the rest of our lovely family and an absolutely spotless home! They had tidied it up especially for us.

Camp was good, but it's great to be home.

*I think I'd like to start a regular 'reading aloud' evening. Listening to a story being read aloud is an amazing way to bring it to life and appreciate every word.