I've joined up to Facebook and gotten in touch with a number of old school friends as well as catching up with some mates from uni. It's been kind of fun to see faces and send updates.

When you ask someone to 'be your friend', you have to write in where you know them from and the years you knew them. The Facebook program takes all this information and creates a 'social timeline' for you, listing where you were during which year.

I was a little bit miffed to read this on my social timeline:

2006- 2007 - You were at Moore College Buthargra
1991-2005 - You went underground for a few years
1990 - Murree Christian School

I did not go underground! I had a perfectly good life thank you very much. I studied, worked, got married, had a baby, bought a house, made friends!

Just because Facebook doesn't know about me doesn't mean that I 'went underground'!