Fog in head

I didn't eat dinner with the kids last night. I like to wait until they've gone to bed before I make my Sunday night two-egg omelette with cheese, tomato and fresh coriander.

I could feel my blood sugar dropping a little, but didn't worry about it too much as I thought I could last the half hour before 7pm when the oldest goes to bed.

We were playing chess and were on our second game when all of a sudden I looked at the board and thought, "I don't know what colour pieces I am playing with. And which way do those pawns go? Up the board or down?"

It looked like a dreadful mash of black and white and I said to my daughter, "You win. I can't play. I've got to eat."

The same thing happened again today. I was sorting the washing mid-afternoon and thought, "I don't know what piece of clothing I'm holding, nor which pile it goes on."

It happens pretty regularly. I rarely know what day it is, and never the date. Whenever someone asks me "how has your week been?" I have to say, "I honestly don't know because I can't remember."

Brain fog. It makes me feel for my boy who has learning problems! He must feel like this all the time.