Vegie garden update

I planted the vegetable garden about three months ago. Here are the ratings.

Poor: cabbage/cauli/broccoli variety seedlings. I have lots and lots of leaves and absolutely no cabbage, cauli or broccoli. Perhaps I should eat the leaves in stir-fry?

Medium: cos lettuce and baby spinach leaves. Obviously need more water than I give them as they are a bit tough.

Still alive: chives and strawberries. Good for the strawberries - they'll last until the warmer weather, but I'll pull out the chives because I haven't eaten any.

Raging and rampant success: coriander! I have never ever before succeeded with coriander and this time I have a bushy plant that just doesn't die! I look forward to my weekly Sunday night omelette with tomato, cheese and coriander very much!