Better Together

I had a great day at the Better Together conference on Saturday.

Most people who know me will know that I hold 'egalitarian' views on what the Bible says about men and women. People like me find ourselves in a bit of a minority in Sydney evangelical circles, so it was nice to meet with others of like mind.

Grahame Cole of Trinity Evangelical College (I think) was the keynote speaker and gave two very interesting and easy to understand talks, one on the Trinity question, and the other on the textual questions underpinning the egalitarian view - especially focusing on 1 Timothy 2.

If anyone is interested in hearing the egalitarian side, Cole presented in a fair, loving and generous way and made what can be quite a complex argument clear and well thought out. The talks were recorded and will be able to be downloaded for free from the Better Together website.

The thing I appreciated from the conference was the lack of any bitterness, rancour or anger,. It was obvious that it had been put together in a spirit of prayerfulness and love.